North Cyprus plot measurement

1 donum  = 4 Evlek = 14.400 ft2 = 1.338 m2

1 Evlek = 3600 ft2 = 334.5 m2

1 m2 = 10.76 ft2

1 ft = 30.48 cm

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Taxes to be paid while purchasing property in Northern Cyprus

a) Capital Gains Tax:

  • Paid by the Vendor. While Capital Gains Tax for private individuals is 3,5% for now it’s temporary reduced to 2,8%.

Note: Every private individual has a once in a lifetime tax free sale option (for a house and land)

  • For professional Vendors, there are no tax exemption rights. Despite the  Capital Gains Tax for Professional Vendors is 6,25%, during the purchasing only 4% is payable. This tax is paid to the Tax Office

b) VAT:

  • This is currently set at 5% and is paid to the Tax Office. With respect to VAT, the status of the Vendor is important. If the Vendor is a private person then VAT would not normally be levied on the transfer.
  • However, if the  Vendor is a ‘property professional’, then VAT will be due.

 c) Transfer Fee:

The fee is payable to Land Registry Office and is set at 6%. However, every person has a once in a lifetime option to reduce this to 3%

d) Stamp Duty:

This tax is paid to the Tax Office  and then  the contract should be registered to the Land Registry Office. The rate is 0.5% of the contract price and should be paid within 21 days from the date of the contract.

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How many title deeds types in Northern Cyprus?

There are four  types of title deeds in Northern Cyprus:

  • Turkish Title Deeds
  • Original Title Dees
  • Exchange Title Deeds
  • Tahsis Title Deeds

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Can Foreign Nationals purchase property in Northern Cyprus?

Yes, they can.  The property purchase permission  should be obtained from Ministry of Internal Affairs of TRNC.

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Is there any risk for foreigners in purchasing property in Northern Cyprus?

We do not think there is any risk in general, but we advise you to get detailed information about title types and their reliability.

Can Foreign Nationals get bank credit in Northern Cyprus?

They can not in general, but there are exceptions. For details  please get information from our company.

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